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9.7.2013 - Sounds and music

We are proud to announce that we finished version v0.7!

The most fundamental change in this version is the addition of sound effects and music. The soldiers are marching, the tanks are thundering, the fire is cracking and the birds in woods are singing. A particular sound effect can be specified for every unit movement. The sounds of terrain mix together and so create an illusion of your units moving through a real nature.

The game has now 60 min of its own music (soundtrack)! The songs can be different for each mod but the music is also changing accordingly to the player's situation so that you will feel even more brought into the game.

Apart from these changes we also polished the user interface, namely terrain and control panels. The player can now display various statistics about his country and so better control his army and economy.

New in the game is a tutorial. This, compared to other games, doesn't have to be gone through separately before the player starts playing. In our tutorial player learns the unit controls and rules while playing. You can start playing straight away, no need to read or learn something about the game in advance.

Finally, we have added another few features to the game. The most interesting ones are terrain improvements - player can change and adjust the terrain and its features through e.g. irrigation, drying-up or cultivation of the land. Another interesting feature is incorporating territories into the game. A country is not just one area anymore. It is now a set of territories, which when they are not broken, work better and bring more benefits to the owner.

In this moment we are coming back to AI and polishing its behavior. We fully appreciate that computer player is one of the essential parts of the game and we want to impress even the hardest-to-please players. Apart from this we think about adding unit animations which might considerably increase user experience.
Stay tuned!

22.4.2013 - Network layer and computer player

The project has been fully resumed and new possibilities make it a brand new experience. The last six months we have been re-doing the map creation component and we achieved much more realistic look of the terrain. The game lost its "square" look, the shape of coasts and borders now resembles reality. 

With constantly improved computer player that is being improved in the process, it is fun to test the game, especially when we have finished another important part of the project - the network layer. That means that the new version allows one player to play with other friends via local network and the project should allow Internet game in the future as well.

14.6.2012 - Testing, playing, extending

We are currently engaged in another project but we still continue the development of Aggressors by working on marginal parts of the game.

We are testing the external interface of the game which the players-developers will use once the game is completed.

A map generator has been finished. This will enable the user to define size of the map, types of terrain, climate zones and resources. We are more than happy with the output of the generator and its functionality will be transferred into the game.

Currently we test the beginners' mod "Ancient Rome" and the test results are looking really good. The game is fun and addictive:) We have identified some areas that will require further work in order to make the game easier to understand, as well as some game routines that are redundant and will be changed/removed in the next stage.

We also created basic AI (computer player) and tied it together with the game kernel. This basic AI will be only used for testing, however its existence brings a lot of new inputs into the game development.

The development should be fully resumed in three or four months.  
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