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Fórum \ Project development \ System Requirements and Platform?  

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  Date: 19.04.2012
From: BMN
Hello, I'd like to know what patforms this game is designed to be played on (PC or Mac, or both). From what I can tell, it is going to be a PC, but this is not made obvious and I would also like to know if it can be played on a Mac. I have a mac and know all too well the frustration of being denied countless games simply because there is only a PC version.

Also, a list of system requirements would be useful, as I have not found any yet.

Anyways, it looks like a great game and I am very interested in it!
  Date: 19.04.2012
From: pavel
Hello BMN,
in theory it should be possible to run the application on PC with Windows and Linux, Mac or XBOX as well, because we use cross-platform tools and programming techniques.
However this hasn't been tested at all till now and it is currently not our prime objective. 

The system requirements haven't been specified, because it is too early to do this. We still have some performance tunning, which can significantly decrease minimal system requirements.

Thank you for your interest. We'll try to do as much as we can to have a cross-platform game, because it is good for us as well.
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  Date: 25.05.2017
From: mario
Will it be on steam?
If it will be on steam, im buying it now.
when is the eta? to publishing?
  Date: 25.05.2017
From: pavel
Hi Mario,
yes it will be on steam, but we still haven't entered the beta testing, so it might take a while.

We currently estimate it to be released in 1Q 2018, so please stay tuned:)

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  Date: 04.04.2018
From: Andreas
Hi Pavel,

Have you decided on beta platform or will it be on all platforms?

What about online multiplayer is that a part of the game?

When do you think the beta will be ready?

Regards Andreas
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